Then we played Telestrations.

Telestrations: a new game that our family just bought. It's basically a combination of pictionary and telephone where you draw a picture, pass it on to the next person, they guess what the picture is, pass again, and then another person draws the guess. Sounds complicated, but its a simple and fun process.

So, Ashley was supposed to draw "onion rings." Easier said then done. First, her drawing was interpreted as a "stinky band", not onion rings. Then, after a few rounds of passing, guessing, re-drawing, and guessing again, the drawing of the supposed-to-be onion rings ended up with Matthew. His guess?

"A skunk with bongos and a broom." Apparently Ashley is no artist.

Looking around at everyone else's ridiculous drawings, we then all laughed and started another round of our new favorite game.

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