Then I bought a cat.

Once, to prank the family, I bought a kitten on my birthday as a present to myself. However, the joke quickly turned into reality when I realized that the animal was not returnable - and the fact that he was too cute to get rid of. Gladly, Gabe and Josh adopted the little cat into the family - falling in love with its "fluffiness". After a family wide vote, his name became Westin.

Just recently, Gabe was holding the tired cat in his arms. "He looks so cute and sleepy! Almost like he's dead!" Gabe squealed. He then softly closed the cats eyes and quietly said to him "Westin peace". At first, I was about to correct Gabe and tell him that it's "rest" in peace, not "west" - then Gabe exclaimed "get it?!" with a huge proud smile on his face. Since when have 5 year olds been so clever and witty?

And then Gabe and I laughed together.

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