Then she became obsessed.

If there was a show that described my sister Ashley, it would be called "Spunk on Ice". Entertaining is just one of the many words used to describe her. Anyway, rocking sister, she's a party, we love her, life is grand

Once upon a time she married Matt (stud on ice) and they had a baby named Jake. When you combine somebody as bright and happy as Ashley with someone as adorably cute as baby Jakey, you get obsession. She's his mom, so of course she's invested, but sometimes it's too much to handle for the onlooker. For example, today Ashley was discussing plans for Jake's 1st birthday this coming September. May I remind you, he's only just barely 5 months old...

"I already picked a theme," Ashley happily said. I asked her what she meant, already thinking to myself that a theme other than a 1st birthday party was overkill. "I'm thinking milk and cookies. Get it? Because milk is his favorite thing!"

Oh really.

And then I laughed at her, but was quietly to myself looking forward to the party.

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