Then kisses became a bad thing.

Josh should be a teenager. That six year old has so much attitude in him, it's almost scary. It's not bad attitude (most of the time) so don't get me wrong, but it's sarcasm to the max.

Today, Josh was holding Westin and laughing about how "cute and fluffy" he is. Caught up in the moment, he went all the way and planted one right on Westin's kitten face. My dad saw this and was appalled. "Don't kiss the cat!" he told Josh. Confused, Josh asked my dad why not. "Because it has germs. Kissing him just gives those germs to you".

In return Josh laughed and said "Dad! You have germs!". He giggled to himself and walked away like he was a man with a plan. I followed him into the kitchen where he promptly went to my mom, tapped her on the leg, and hinted to my mom with much confidence "Don't kiss dad he has germs".

Goal accomplished.

Josh then kissed Westin again (yuck?) and left with his head held high causing me to laugh. When a little kid does things like that, who wouldn't?

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