Then Kaleb was offended.

Remember our new favorite game? It's called Telestrations - the combination between Pictionary and Telephone. Anyway, so we're all playing a round of the game when Heidi brings up the fact that our dad trained us all to be right handed, even if we had left handed tendencies to begin with. All of us except for Kaleb, that is, who kept his left handed ways and made them permanent. We then began to playfully joke with Kaleb about him being the only one in the family that was left handed. Kaleb, however, didn't laugh with us but instead became angry. Feeling bad, we told Kaleb that being left handed was fine and that we were just kidding. In response, he angrily mumbled "it's a trait I'm enjoying".

What a choice of words. He's just barely nine, might I remind you. Kaleb then laughed, and we all joined in as well.

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