Then Gabe turned to the dark side.

A long time ago, in a home not so far away....
Episode lV, V, Vl
and Episode I, II, and II
were introduced to three adventurous and imaginative little boys during the tax season of 2009.

As the residential film/literature critic in the household, (Heidi here), I thought it only natural to appease my parents during their financial stress-overload, whilst providing enthralling comic-con culture to my three youngest brothers- Kaleb, Josh and Gabe. A movie marathon was born, and needless to say, Star Wars was well received. There is a reason these movies classify under obsession (ranging from classic quotes, "I am your father!" to intricate costumes, mystical and varying powers of the force, and let's face it- cool weaponry) and our babies gravitated towards every geeked out stereotype- nicknaming everyone in the family according to the characters they resembled/favored the most. But no one took it so far, as our Gabe.. uh excuse me, Darth Maul. Before long, Gabe would only respond and obey to the name of the most terrifying Sith apprentice, idolizing EVERYTHING about this dark villain. Keep in mind readers, he was only two at this point; a very young age to turn to the dark side. The illusion grew with our elaborate Halloween costumes pertaining to each of our Star Wars nicknames, leading to intense battles of good vs. evil, and continued through Christmas morning where Gabe was immortalized with an official Darth Maul cloak and double-edged red lightsaber. I suppose looking back on what I created, you can't blame the kid for the following event....

My dad Mike, had taken Gabe and my four other brothers to a local High School basketball game, and being Dad, he arrived an hour before warm-ups to "scout" the players if you will. As Dad was discussing strategy, and techniques with the two oldest of the five boys, the stands started to fill up, and an older lady sat next to Gabe. She was kind and friendly, and was seen asking him a question (who could resist an adorable toddler?), to which Gabe gave an inaudible reply. She appeared to not have heard Gabe correctly, and tried again, leaning in closer, to which Gabe gave the same inaudible reply, leaving her evidently bewildered. Her puzzled expression quickly changed to confusion, dismay and then stress as she turned to face my Dad. Looking from the face of our innocent Gabey Baby, to my perplexed father, she increduously asked,"Is his name REALLY Darth Maul? I keep asking him what his name is and he keeps saying in a low voice .... 'Darth Maul' ." Out of the mouth of babes ... and then we laughed.

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