Then she called me a killer.

Every now and then we all go through hard relationships. What's a better way to start fresh and new after a sour relationship than to buy a fish? That's the genius idea my sister invented while in high school. Jimmy, a goldfish, then became Nicole's love interest and best friend for time and all eternity - or so she thought.

They did everything together, even traveling. Nicole would come home from her college apartment on weekends and wouldn't leave Jimmy behind no matter what. Each week she protectively drove that little fish in his bowl to and from her apartment and our house. Yeah, excessive much? Not to her it wasn't.

Anyway, after years of them being together, I decided that it was time Jimmy needed new friends. Luckily, I had a couple of goldfish left over from some random high school spontaneous action with my friends. I willingly dumped them into Jimmy's little bowl - they all looked so happy together.

Fast forward four hours when Nicole comes home: "Christian! What have you done?!" Nicole was screaming at the sight of the intruders. I explained that Jimmy was lonely, it was a good service. She then angrily made me remove the "evil" fish from the now "polluted" bowl. Fast forward to a day later: Jimmy starts tilting to the left. It hit me that fish carry diseases and that it's against all basic rules of raising goldfish to mix old ones with new ones. Pardon me for not thinking of this before. Fast forward to four hours later when Nicole comes home again: "You did this! It's all your fault! You KILLED Jimmy!!". Poor Jimmy, he had no chance. His goldfish belly was beginning to swell and he was totally on his side now - however he was still breathing. Frantic, Nicole searched online about how to save a goldfish from immediate peril. She found that feeding the sick fish a half of a pea would save it. Whether that is fact or fiction, I know not - but it sounded like crap to me. Nicole however took it seriously. "Hurry! Get a pea!" she screamed as she was running the fishbowl and half-dead Jimmy down the hallway to the kitchen. My mom, Heidi, even the little boys were all laughing at her - Nicole didn't find it funny. After I realized that this was all my fault, I took pity on her and attempted to save the fish by shoving the cut up pea down its throat. Difficult process, let me tell you. Quite funny to watch as well. I was unsuccessful, nonetheless, and Jimmy passed on within the hour.

I guess the fish was more than a mindless and pointless creature to Nicole. He represented a time in her life that she needed a friend; someone to rely on. Who am I kidding, he was a fish. The bowl was emptied, funeral services were offered, then we all laughed - except for Nicole of course.

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