Then he liked them big.

My grandpa (my mom's dad) is musically talented beyond belief. From performing the most beautiful song to composing his own, he has done it all. Sadly, he has become very sick very quickly and is currently in the hospital, but that hasn't stopped his rich sense of humor.

In order to keep him entertained in the hospital, my sister Ashley transferred a playlist of only classical music onto an old MP3 player for him to listen to. Early this morning while my mom was in my grandpa's room watching over him, he suddenly said "shoot!". Thinking that something was seriously wrong, my mom hurried over to the side of his bed to address my grandpa. "It started going boom bitty doom bop" he exclaimed. At first my mom was confused as to what he was even talking about. Then she held the headphones connected to the MP3 player up to her ear. Expecting to hear Mozart or Beethoven, she was instead greeted by a loud beat and:

"I like 'em big.... I like 'em chunky..."

Across the screen read "Big and Chunky", the hilarious hip hop song from Madagascar 2 by Apparently, my grandpa didn't find the song as hilarious as I do. However, my mom couldn't help but smile. Tomorrow we'll show him Ke$ha - then we'll laugh for sure.

For some extra entertainment:

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  1. I remember that i miss grandpa i wish he didn't pass away